Water Filtration is Not Plug and Play!

 Its very important to understand the quality of water you want to treat.  Quality meaning what is the;  Water Hardness, Iron, Total Chlorine, Total Dissolved Solids, incoming water pressure and water flow rate.  In-line water filters are not designed to be a main source of filtration.  Carbon Block filters in my opinion are one of the most overused filtration media in the market today.  In in-line filters, the micron size is an important factor.  To small of a micron filter size will impact the water pressure and flow rate to your home.  Carbon filters are breading grounds for bacteria in well water.  They are also the wrong filter to use to remove Iron.  Ferrous Iron will oxidize (plugging the filter) and create a growth environment for iron bacteria.   Five micron carbon filters are designed to be a taste and odor filter only.  By design, carbon filters are only rated for a four to five gallon per minute flow rate.  So when used in the wrong setting it will create the WRONG result. Whole House in-line filters for sediment only can be effective.  4.5 x 10 or 2.5 x 10 in-line filters are not designed for high flow rates. Any whole house in-line filter should have the average flow rate listed on the packaging.  Any 20 or 25 micron filter will work satisfactory for sediment reduction and flow rate.

On line companies its a buyer beware.  Let me ask you this, how can a on-line water treatment company make a proper suggestion or diagnoses of your problem water issues without knowing the quality of your water?  Having your water tested, knowing the levels of hardness, iron, total chlorine or total dissolved solids allows for proper water filtration recommendations.  

Well Water Quality can change.  It is important to test well water every two years.  Even City Water can change, especially the water hardness.  Regular water testing will insure your water filtration equipment is set properly, and gives a timeline for in-line filter replacements


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